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Data Solutions

As a business analyst, you work at the intersection of business and IT. You have experience interacting with the business to further optimize and shape processes and systems. Are you ready for the next step in your career?

Full Vacancy

As a Data Engineer, you will use Business Intelligence to organize data from various databases. To do this, you will apply your expertise to develop scripts and algorithms that bring together the available data.

Full Vacancy

Data Science

As a data scientist, you know how to turn data into predictions and concrete advice. You run sharp data analyses and include managers and stakeholders in your findings. You love innovation and feel at home in a dynamic learning environment.

Full Vacancy

As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will be responsible for developing and implementing machine learning algorithms and models to help clients discover new insights and improve their business operations.

Full Vacancy

Data Management

As a data manager, you ensure that data processes in organizations are designed efficiently. You are an expert in data management and ensure its pragmatic translation.

Full Vacancy

As a Data Steward, you will play an important role in ensuring data quality and integrity and developing data management policies and procedures at our clients.

Full Vacancy

Agile Product Management

As a Product Owner, you play a crucial role in an agile project. Your job is to translate the client’s wishes, requirements and expectations into concrete tasks for a development team. You are the link between stakeholders and developers and are responsible for the quality and content of projects.

Full Vacancy

As a Scrum Master, you will be responsible for leading scrum teams and improving agile practices at our clients. You will work with clients to understand their needs and implement and improve agile practices to achieve their business goals.

Full Vacancy

Our Office

Our office is located in the business park in Papendorp, Utrecht. On Fridays, we meet there to learn, work and have lunch. We hold quarterly updates there to keep everyone informed of the latest developments in the company.

Come bouldering, paddling or bubbly with us.

Perks & Benefits

What do we offer you?

Base salary + hourly bonus

With us, you will receive a fixed base salary. On top of that comes up to 70% of your declared hourly wage with the client.


Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. We make sure you keep developing with us.


You can lease a car inexpensively with us or you can opt for an NS business card.


Our employees can decide when and for how long to go on vacation.


We operate a flat hierarchy, which content that everyone gets insight into the operations.


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Rene de Jongh

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Anne Klaver

Data Scientist

I am passionate about data science. I take pride in my programming abilities and I am a dedicated and analytical worker.

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