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Data Scientist


As a data scientist you work with data on a daily basis, you perform analyzes and you create insights. You work in a multi-disciplinary team where you are able to communicate your findings clearly. You think along with the business side and you are creative and proactive in providing solutions. You fluently work your way through the technique and know where to find answers. If necessary, you know how to obtain external data sources and connect them seamlessly to other data sources. You are familiar with machine learning and can implement it. You use strong visualizations. You can include both technical and less technical audiences in your story.



  • HBO+/Wo level educated in AI, Data Science, Mathematics, Physics, Econometrics or similar
  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience working with data, including experience as a Data Scientist
  • Experience with requesting, setting up, executing and implementing data solutions, analyzing needs and issues
  • You are communicative and advisory, able to explain and visualize the results of complex analyzes in a comprehensible way
  • Strong in Python or R and associated libraries
  • Experience with data visualization
  • Machine learning experience
  • Experience with statistics
  • Experience with databases (SQL or NoSQL)
  • Communicative, team player, critical and analytical

        Pre / Bonus

        • NLP
        • Data streaming and data pipelines
        • Big data (Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Scala, Kafka, BigQuery etc.)
        • Reporting and dashboarding tools (PowerBI, Tableau, Graphana, Qlik, etc.)
        • git
        • Deep learning: keras, tensor flow
        • Top 3 cloud experience (AWS, Azure, GCP)
        • Additional programming languages such as Java, C++ or Go
        • Data management and governance experience
        • PhD in relevant field

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        About IBS

        We believe in delivering value. Making an impact with big data. Excel in your own field and include your team and organization in it. Real value by real people.

        Business intelligence, data science, marketing and customer intelligence, robotic process automation is what we do. We select enterprising consultants who persevere and stand for quality, transparency and clarity.

        Entrepreneurship and spirit are very important, because you decide in your next assignment and customer. Isatis Business Solutions offers you a mid-lance model: employed with a bonus. With your midlance contract you earn 70% of your hourly rate and you participate in the decision-making process for your next assignment and customer.

        With our IBS Academy we offer you an online environment with various development modules. With this we ensure that you excel in the field with advanced technologies.

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