Robotic Process Automation

Real data scientists are great at problem solving and doing research. Like true detectives, they find the core problems in your business, and solve them this on. They take tooling such as Python, Machine Learning and Cloud therealong.

Robotic Process Automation

Our data scientists are as complex as the world is, so versatile. We have Data Scientists with passion in-house, who work daily on the latest issues. Business cases such as sales forecasting, predictive maintenance and anomaly detection are challenges that we like to sink our teeth into.

What is your business case?

The facts

We are active in the financial sector , government and health care institutions . We provide data science solutions in the form of forecasting for Mosadex E-health, risk analysis for Eqipa, and Natural Language Processing for RespectZorg. We have all essential knowledge about data science in-house.

  • Consultants deployed – 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction – 86%
  • Employee satisfaction – 93%

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Our Robotic Process Automation Heroes

Get to know a selection of our team of specialists here and get in touch with them.

Merry Mulder

Merry Mulder

Lead Robotic Process Automation

Andrés van Antwerp

Andrés van Antwerp

Robotic Process Automation Consultant

Henry Niessen

Robotic Process Automation Consultant

Past projects

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