BI & Data Consultancy

Our specialists serve organizations’ data needs. These needs are different for each company; therefore, we have multiple teams of consultants with diverse backgrounds. Together with our them, we work on a variety of challenging projects for clients in different segments.

At Isatis Business Solutions, we value giving the right advice. Each issue is thoroughly reviewed and based on the information available, we work with organizations to determine the right steps to take. So if your organization is looking for a good partner and would like advice on BI and Big Data issues, Isatis Business Solutions would be happy to help.

Data Solutions

Our Data Solutions consultants make your data insightful and actionable. They help you make data-driven decisions.

Data Management

Our Data Management consultants ensure that data processes in your company are centralized and formalized. Essential for any data-driven business.

Data Science

Our Data Science consultants find relevant connections in large amounts of (un)structured data and develop models that answer your questions with their predictive value.

Agile Product Management

Our Agile Product Management consultants help your company perform at its best. They facilitate and support your business operations within an Agile work environment.

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Rene de Jongh

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Anne Klaver

Data Scientist

I am passionate about data science. I take pride in my programming abilities and I am a dedicated and analytical worker.

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