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Agile is een filosofie over hoe teams effectief kunnen samenwerken om een doel te bereiken. Wij bieden ondersteuning in het implementeren van het Agile framework middels Scrum Masters, Product Owners en Agile Product Management. Scrum is één van de Agile frameworks en faciliteert een flexibele en effectieve manier om in teamverband te werken. Het is een veelzijdige werkwijze die inmiddels wordt toegepast op businessafdelingen als verkoop, HR, financien en marketing.

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Wij zijn actief in de financiele sector, bij de overheid en zorginstanties. Wij leveren ondersteuning bij de implementatie van Agile werkvormen en zorgen ervoor dat projecten in teamverband soepel verlopen. We structureren projecten en zorgen ervoor dat producten tijdig geleverd worden.

Team Agile Product Management

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Isatis Business Solutions is een werkgever met gelijke kansen. We vieren diversiteit en zetten ons in voor het creëren van een inclusieve omgeving voor alle medewerkers. Anders maakt ons beter.

Rene de Jongh

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Arlene Cloete

Product Owner

I am a tribe-centric convergent thinker committed to delighting both customers and colleagues. I am passionate about running a tight ship in domains I am given to control or expand while delivering quality results. Scrum is one way of doing so. Good business relations and ethical conduct are central to my mode of work. I understand business, but I believe this becomes incredibly powerful when coupled with my passion for doing things right first time. I believe it is my mission to help human beings, (and organisations) to find innovative ways, to make Life work.

Curtis Gummels

Information Analist


I am the connector between business needs and IT solutions. I am an enthusiastic young man with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I have founded several startups over the past few years within the management consulting industry. The people I have worked with in the past would describe me as punctual, hard working, dedicated and a real team player with excellent communication and business skills.

Manus Borra

Product Owner

I am strategic thinker and have a high drive to bring structure in organisations and teams to take them to the next level.

I thrive in new teams and new projects where there still is a lot to improve on.

Sahar Abdelrahim

Scrum Master

Facilitating, Listening, motivating and coaching are my most valuable qualities. In addition, I am positively critical and stand up for my opinion. The values open, honest, and loyal are of paramount importance to me.

Corvin Brady

Product Manager

A result-oriented senior leader with a passion for data, product and analytics. 8+ years of experience in analytics strategy, insights generation, process optimization & business operations.

My aim is to deliver high quality technology consulting services to my clients, to enhance the efficacy of digital transformation, and help clients get closer to their ever-evolving digital transformation needs.

Anne Klaver

Data Scientist

I am passionate about data science. I take pride in my programming abilities and I am a dedicated and analytical worker.

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