Data Management

Data management involves the collection, organization, protection and storage of an organization’s data. It’s not just about keeping records organized and up-to-date- it’s also about making sure that new projects or initiatives use the most up-to-date data so that they can be successfully implemented.

As organizations create and use data at unprecedented speeds, data management solutions become essential to centralize, formalize and manage data processes. Get in touch with our experts to ensure your data is managed efficiently and effectively.

About us

Data Management plays a central role in data-driven work. It forms the basis from which data issues can be efficiently addressed by Business Analysts and Data Scientists, among others.

Our data management specialists have experience with data from various systems and industries. Contact us for help with:

– Centralization of data from sources such as CRM and ERP platforms

– Management of databases such as Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server

– Training of data management specialists

Team Data Management

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Rene de Jongh

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Shannon Els

Lead Data Management

I help clients make sense of complex data landscapes through the use of change management in the context of data management and data governance.

George van Oevelen

Business Analist/Data Steward

I am a strategic and analytical thinker. Always interested in the broader perspective to enable better solutions. I value teamwork and open discussions.

Anne Klaver

Data Scientist

I am passionate about data science. I take pride in my programming abilities and I am a dedicated and analytical worker.

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